Helping Advisors Build Successful Futures

Our mission is to create an environment where advisors can set and exceed their business and personal goals and love the experience.

U. S. Planning Group, Inc. was created to fulfill that mission. Our success results from the intertwining of different elements. We start with leadership. Glenn Williams has been an individual producer as well as an agency and group leader for 30 years. Glenn provides coaching and consulting helping advisors grow their top line. We combine the expertise of Brenda Herrington. For the last 18 years she has helped our advisors and staff with operations consulting and problem resolution to help grow their bottom line. We mix in the advanced technology, vast array of products, services and support of Woodbury Financial Services our BD/RIA. We add in the shared services, size and backing of the Advisor Group. We utilize Woodburys home office OSJ model letting us concentrate on client experience knowing our compliance is handled by helpful partners. Most importantly we blend in a group of successful, sharing advisors and staff who help and support each other through structured meetings and calls along with peer to peer ideas and best practices sharing.

Our successful combination works as U. S. Planning Group has been recognized as Woodbury Financial s top Independent Group for the last six years in a row.

To see some of our Success Stories see our 5th tab above or click here, or any of our advisors listed here will be glad to share with you their experience with our award winning group.