Success Stories

Jon Baker has a multi-million-dollar practice with a great team of associate advisors and staff. His practice continues to grow each year. About his affiliation with U. S. Planning, Jon said, "I have to give credit to Glenn Williams for contributing to my success. While with U. S. Planning I grew from a solo practitioner to the largest individual practice at Woodbury. U. S. Planning provided me with an environment where I could build the practice of my dreams. Glenn provided wise counsel and was generous with his time and resources, and the staff at U. S. Planning have helped tremendously along the way. At times it may be difficult to see the value that comes from affiliating with a group, but in my case, I found that being part of a group of advisors was of great value. I would urge any advisor, large or small, who is looking to grow his or her practice or who simply wants to work with a quality organization and some great advisors to explore an affiliation with U. S. Planning Group."