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Growing Your Firm

We can be your real growth partner, a partner that can be with you throughout your growth process and serve as a real change agent, a catalyst if you will, every step of the way. Many other organizations say they help with marketing, and there are a lot of consultants that will offer advice but far too often what you get is interaction through an 800 number, or email or a meeting that you have to pay to attend.

We are different; we work with you in your office directly with you and your staff to help you design your growth strategies and then work with you as a partner to help achieve your goals. And, when it comes time to grow your team we can also help. We have helped advisors by: designing and conducted a recruiting campaign, reviewing resumes, conducted initial and joint interviews; all with the advisor to help them select and hire a new team member or an associate advisor.

Unlike some organizations, our team is fully licensed and has worked with clients as well as advisors, so we speak your language and understand your challenges and we have the experience and qualifications to assist you in growing your practice.

“I would urge any advisor, large or small, who is looking to grow his or her practice or who simply wants to work with a quality organization and some great advisors, to explore an opportunity with U. S. Planning Group.“

Jon Baker - President
Jon Baker Financial Group - Atlanta, GA

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