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Transition Planning

The biggest obstacle to going Independent or leaving your current Broker Dealer is the wall of change that's about to occur -- new forms, new regulations, new technologies, new expectations, new culture, new personalities. It's very daunting and we've all faced it. You know it's in your best interest, and that of your clients, to make the move. But the wall' keeps you penned in. So rather than move to a better opportunity, you continue to endure a relationship that is not in your best interest.

This is where U.S. Planning Group thrives. One of the reasons we've chosen to stay a small, close-knit firm is so we can be of real support; not just an 800 number or email. To make the transition truly easy we need to be there with you, which is why we only accept Advisors within a three-hour drive of Atlanta. It lets us get to you – in your office – and personally help you transition to a better technology, better support, more offerings, and the potential for future growth.

We've helped every one of our associates with this process. Better yet, at U.S. Planning Group our entire support and on-boarding team possesses multiple securities registrations and insurance licenses, which gives us an understanding of the details that non-registered support would not. We know what you need and what you don't. We speak the same language and share the same objectives.

Simply stated, our process delivers a transition process and timeline tailored to you. Together, we can scale the wall quickly so you can free yourself to be with current clients, to attract new clients -- and to reach your business goals.

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