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Succession Planning

Building your own business can be one of the most personally and financially rewarding endeavors you'll ever do. But it's not easy. It takes commitment, passion, training, ability, and vision to fulfill that opportunity. And with just the right amount of of assistance, you can create a business you're proud of that can help support your family and the families of your clients too.

Your clients represent more than assets under management. They represent deep friendships that you do not take lightly. They trust you to nurture their nest eggs and to help create the financial strategies to help live the life they want. But what happens when it's time for you to retire or if you need to monetize your business in the case of death or disability? Conversely, what happens when an opportunity arises to buy another practice? How does that work? How should I bid? What should I look for?

That's why being part of a small team of like-minded professionals not only can help grow your practice, it also creates a potential market for your business should the time come to cash out or expand through acquisition. Through Osaic Wealth, Inc., our Broker Dealer, we can help guide this succession that works best for you and your clients so they'll be cared for in a manner you approve and they'll trust.

This is the value how a small, committed team of like-minded professionals can do -- and what the U.S. Planning Group can provide.

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