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The Top Ten Reasons to Join U.S. Planning Group

#1 Transition assistance – U. S. Planning Group's in-your-office support combined with Osaic Wealth's experienced TransitionONE team will minimize downtime and lost compensation with little disruption for your clients. Financial assistance is available.

#2 Technologies – Osaic Wealth's Advisor Portal is a single sign-on solution providing access to MyCMO marketing, eQuipt digital client paperwork, a robust Wealth Management Platform, online training and information, with Fast Track access to the departments and people who can coach and help you.

#3 Competitive payouts - An industry-competitive single-grid structure with no quotas that allows you to maximize your compensation is coupled with a cash bonus and annual rewards programs. Financial assistance for transitions is available.

#4 Cyber Security Support - Keeping your information safe is a high priority. Through Osaic Wealth, we provide access to proven cyber security solutions along with guidance and support to create a protective shield around your information.

#5 Your clients are yours – We respect your business ownership. Build and brand your practice as you wish. If you should decide to leave in the future, your business and livelihood is yours to take with you. It's in our contracts.

#6 No proprietary products - You have the flexibility to select the products and services that are in the best interests of your clients without using proprietary products or meeting quotas.

#7 Marketing support – We provide branding assistance and put effective, results-oriented materials, campaigns and social media strategies at your fingertips. You have free access to personalized support through in-house marketing consultants.

#8 Training and learning opportunities – You have access to a wealth of knowledge through local, regional and national meetings, online training, and multiple opportunities to learn from other advisors through chat forums and other opportunities.

#9 Case design and expert assistance – You have local support coupled with Osaic Wealth's Advanced Sales Team of in-house attorneys and product specialists that can work with you on complex cases. Fast-track direct dial connects you with the people you want to consult.

#10 Succession plans - We help you create succession agreements to provide for you, your family and your clients in the event of disability, death or retirement. Osaic Wealth has a succession planning department and also provides the Your Succession Plan platform to support buying and selling practices across four broker-dealers.

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