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Independent Support

You have expertise in your field. You have clients who depend on that expertise to help guide their family's future. Being an independent Financial Advisor has the potential to be very rewarding.

Only if it were that simple.

The distractions that surround any Financial Advisory practice can make going independent appear very daunting. Compliance, IT, product vetting, employees, payroll. These are important components of any business practice, but can get in the way and keep you from making the move.

At U.S. Planning Group, we believe going it alone does not have to be lonely. We provide in-person support to help make great Advisors -- and their businesses -- even better. Plus, our Advisors maintain full ownership of their clients no matter what. If we're not meeting your expectations, feel free move yourself and your clients elsewhere. As USPG supplies our Advisors with the support they need, applying no mark-up on support, charging a fee only when our Advisors make money and being there when needed, we help our Advisors focus on what they do best – driving assets under management. Ask any one of them and they'll tell you the same thing.

Don't let the fear of independence keep you from making a prudent decision for your professional life.

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