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Our Approach

Our approach is simple and successful. We provide support, guidance, and camaraderie coupled with respect for our advisors to enable them to achieve personal and business success as they define it. As a group, 2018 GDC was up 17%, and 83% of our advisors achieved year-over-year GDC growth. Our advisors average more GDC than Woodbury's advisors. We have advisors who have grown from humble beginnings to be some of Woodbury's largest. Our group has been recognized as Woodbury's top independent group six times.

How do we do it? Through:

  • Personal interaction between U. S. Planning and our advisors and their staff. All of our practices are within 3.5 hours driving distance so we can build personal relationships and provide face-to-face support.
  • Private branding for our advisors. We respect our advisors' business ownership and help them build their brands as well as create great client experiences.
  • Personalized help so each of our advisors can build the practice they want, be it a financial planner, a 401(k) specialist or any other model they prefer. There are many ways to be successful, and we don't confine our advisors to any model.
  • Individualized programs for our advisors. Many of our advisors want customized coaching from an experienced team who are not just paid consultants but experts who are highly involved and have a stake in their success.
  • Advocacy and problem resolution. We advocate for our advisors with our BD and other constituencies. If they have a problem, they can turn to us to help them find solutions, so they can focus on their clients and businesses.
  • Alignment with Osaic Wealth to benefit from the scale of a large organization to negotiate low fees and access products, technology, and services. As our HO OSJ, they provide professional compliance support, allowing us to concentrate on helping our advisors rather than inspecting them.
  • Succession planning and implementation to help create recurring-income businesses that can be monetized for our advisors and their families in the event of disability, death or retirement.

To find out more about our approach, talk to any of our advisors. You can find them here.

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