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Kristy  Lungwitz

Kristy Lungwitz

Practice Relationship Manager

“My role is to help advisors and their staffs adopt best practices to streamline their businesses, saving time and money. I also help with training and problem resolution be it in commissions, technology, marketing implementation, ad review, compliance and more. I get a kick out of finding solutions to problems. Since I work with all of our practices, I may know an answer because I have helped somebody with the same problem before.”

Kristy joined U. S. Planning in 2011 with 14 years of financial services experience. She has served in many different roles for U. S. Planning Group; administrative, operations, OSJ compliance, client onboarding and service, as a Para planner and in her current coaching and management roles. Because of her extensive experience she is eminently qualified to offer real world advice and assistance to our advisors and staff. She provides one-on-one staff training, marketing and technical support, and, most importantly, one-stop problem resolution assistance.